The Middle East Peace Process: Interdisciplinary Perspectives

This volume offers a series of focused analyses of various aspects of the peace process. This interdisciplinary book includes insights developed by scholars in such diverse disciplines as anthropology, economics, history, law, political science, social psychology, and international relations. Although the book is strongest in dealing with Israel’s political behavior, it also focuses specifically on the Palestinians and on Jordan. The contributors combine the perspective of the last few years; the insights of a variety of social science disciplines, making the complexity of the Middle East situation more manageable and penetrable; and offer a commitment to an analysis which is relatively detached from everyday politics and non-normative in tone and in essence.Contributors include Myron J. Aronoff, Pierre M. Atlas, Mordechai Bar-On, Gad Barzilai, Neil Caplan, Stuart A. Cohen, JoAnn DiGeorgio-Lutz, Laura Zittrain Eisenberg, Tamar S. Hermann, Aharon Klieman, Guy Mundlak, Ilan Peleg, Curtis R. Ryan, Ofira Seliktar, Daphne Tsimhoni, and Ephraim Yuchtman-Yaar.