Youth and Morals

The topic of this book especially concerns the young, for they are more sensitive about these issues of life. Nevertheless, the There are many people who suffer from their ill natures, and can find no means to rid themselves of this quality.
The books that have been written in this field, as ideological and practical guides for the young are scarce’ and do not have the advantage of modern language skills. It is for this reason that we choose to produce a book for today’s youth.
Fortunately, we have found the book at hard and have decided to publish it; this book, Youth and Morals: A Step towards Eradicating Corruption deals with the analysis of various behavioral issues in a new’ style, relying on Divine verses, prophetic narrations and tradition, from the Holy Imams (a.s.).
We urge you to thoroughly read this book and use it to counter and prevent social corruption.