Work, Your Way: Reinvent Yourself, Create the Life You Want and Thrive as a Consultant [Audiobook]

Build your successful consultant life doing the work you love, on your terms utilizing the practical tips, inspiration, and straightforward advice from recognized new world of work visionary and thought leader Lisa Hufford. Professionals want freedom and flexibility in the work they do, and they have more options than ever before to create the work and life they want on their own terms. They want to make work fit their lives – not the other way around. Lisa’s promise is that consulting is a viable alternative to traditional full-time employment, and you have everything you need to make it happen.

Equal parts actionable and inspirational, this is the definitive guide for beginner and experienced consultants. Lisa teaches listeners how to successfully step off the corporate career ladder and transition to doing the work they love, on their terms. Grounded in Lisa’s experience trading a high-powered corporate career for the freedom and flexibility of consulting, building an award-winning consultancy, and helping thousands of professionals make the same switch, this book enables professionals to redesign their lives and create opportunity in the future of work.