White Tigress Green Dragon: Taoist Sexual Secrets for Youthful Restoration and Spiritual Illumination

The modern perspective on sexuality is almost exclusively focused on procreational and recreational sex. Little attention has been given to the ancient Asian perspectives on the more profound restorative and transformative (spiritual) benefits of sexuality. This challenging material will definitely bring about a rethinking of sexual purpose and conduct.”White Tigress” refers to a female who follows the natural workings and forces of her sexuality to achieve beauty, youthfulness, longevity, and immortality. Her sexual practices all derive from teachings passed down through various consorts and female Taoist nuns and immortalesses.”Green Dragon” refers to the male surrogate sexual partners of a White Tigress, who provide her with heightened sexual energy and passion. A Green Dragon can also be a co-cultivator in a Tigress’s practice, helping her engage in the deeper transformational practices so that they both can achieve restoration and illumination of body and spirit.The White Tigress and Green Dragon sexual-spiritual practices and philosophy revitalize sexual passion and compassion, demonstrating that there is much to learn about sexual energy and how it can greatly benefit the body and mind.