Traitor’s Game

Work and dating are hard.

Even harder when people are trying to kill you…
Jax Jensen is a Special Agent with the Department of Inquiry, an investigatory agency charged with upholding the loyalty to, and cleansing the corruption from, the Intergalactic Federation of Free Planets. It’s a thankless job some of the time, an exciting job most of the time, and a deadly job all the time. With the presidential elections approaching, an old romance rekindling, and a violent terror cell raising hell, Jax is thrust into the spotlight as the inadvertent savior of the Federation President, and a new target of would-be assassin Haaken Galowix.

A freshly minor celebrity and the face of Federation resolve, it is up to Jax Jensen, his soap-opera obsessed AI, and an alien cab driver to foil the plans of Haaken Galowix, save the Federation from chaos, and win the affections of beautiful, headstrong Delora. Only now does Jax learn that corruption runs deep, loyalty is treacherous, and the ideals he’s held all his life may bring him closer to Haaken than he’d like to admit.