The Ultimate Guide to Survival Shelters: How to Build Temporary Refuge in Any Environment

Your guide to shelter in most survival situations from a New York Times bestselling author and survival expert.

New York Times bestselling author and survival school founder, Tim MacWelch shows us why shelter is our top survival priority in most emergency situations, and how we can provide ourselves with this lifesaving resource. In The Ultimate Guide to Survival Shelters, MacWelch details our risks for exposure (from both the heat and cold) and guides readers through the myriad of options for providing this necessary resource. Learn how to find, enhance, and build shelters in a wide range of environments and survival situations, and learn how to get by with less than you might have imagined.

Throughout this detailed handbook you’ll find:
• The shelters you bring with you, including clothing and basic outdoor gear that everyone should carry
• The shelter you find in the wild (like rock overhangs, hollow trees and the right evergreen trees)
• Tarp Shelters (a simple square of plastic or fabric can become dozens of practical shelter styles)
• The shelters you can build from vegetation (sticks and leaves don’t sound like much, but they can become a shelter that protects from the worst of weather)
• Snow shelters, including the ubiquitous igloo, and other snow shelters that are even easier
• Advanced shelters (with the right tools, semi-permanent shelters are within reach, all you need is a plan and building materials)
• Shelter in modern emergencies (your car, office and familiar haunts can become a shelter in a disaster, here’s how to make the most of them)
• Make any shelter better, with these simple tricks and tips for warmth, waterproofing, cooling, pest control, and comfort!

The Ultimate Guide to Survival Shelters will give readers much more than just the knowledge to build a shelter in an emergency, it provides the tools to become a problem-solver and think outside the box in any situation.