The Thrifty Veggie: Economical, sustainable meals from store-cupboard ingredients

Harness every season’s flavours with recipes combining fresh produce with lasting staples – clever and delectable vegetarian recipes that can make a real difference to your household budget.

Seasonal eating – when done right – is wonderful for your tastebuds, your mind, and your bank account. Forget shopping at discount supermarkets, buying inferior products or cutting back on food; Nicola Graimes, the award-winning vegetarian author, has written a truly inventive and savvy book showing how adopting a vegetarian diet can significantly cut the cost of your shopping.

The Thrifty Veggie shows how to seek out the best-value vegetarian meals, focusing on in-season ingredients combined with trusty store cupboard staples, buying in bulk, and making full use of leftovers. Pick up beetroot from a market stall, for example, or from your veg patch, and find brilliant tips and recipes for delicious meals to enjoy with friends and family, using up every edible bit, even the stalks and leaves. Try making the most of seasonal fare with Winter Root, Cheddar & Cider Pie, buying in bulk for the Chipotle Cakes with Chilli & Lime Yogurt, or even revive the handful of leftover beans in the fridge with Last-of-the-Beans Risotto.

Complete with brilliant tips and nuggets of information, all the recipes are modern, international and truly mouth-watering.