The Open-Focus Life: Practices to Develop Attention and Awareness for Optimal Well-Being [Audiobook]

Learn to change your mindset, relieve anxiety, dissolve pain, and bring a greater sense of wellbeing into your life by changing how you pay attention, with easy-to-apply techniques and in-the-moment exercises from Dr. Les Fehmi’s Open Focus method.

How you pay attention affects literally every moment of your conscious life, so learning how to be flexible with your focus can profoundly change how you respond to everyday challenges. The Open-Focus Life shows you many different ways of paying attention that you were never taught in school and illustrates how to use different attention styles as powerful tools to help you feel better, act more effectively, and improve the quality of your life.

Dr. Les Fehmi and Susan Shor Fehmi, pioneers in biofeedback, have spent decades developing and applying these methods with clients from all walks of life in their private clinical practice. In The Open-Focus Life, they coach you through common everyday stressors and show you how to shift out of modes of attention that exacerbate negative feelings and into modes of calm and balance. Based on peer-reviewed neuroscience and clinical experience, these quick, practical techniques will improve how you feel about your body, how you relate to people at work and at home, and how you interact with your everyday environment, to achieve a more relaxed life with less chronic physical and emotional pain.