The Law School Admission Game: Play Like an Expert, 4th Edition

Learn everything you need to know to get into law school. This fourth edition (and completely re-written and updated) version of the bestselling law school admission guide provides detailed information on how to present yourself in the law school application process. Ann Levine brings 19+ years of experience in law school admissions (as director of admissions for law schools and as a law school admission consultant) to provide advice about writing the best law school personal statement and optional essays, how to choose people to write letters of recommendation, what to include in your resume, how to explain weaknesses in your application such as a low GPA or LSAT score, the best way to prepare for the LSAT, and how to choose a law school. Once you’ve submitted your law school applications, this book will continue to guide you on getting accepted from a waiting list, negotiating law school scholarships, and transferring to a new law school after your 1L year. The book includes an analysis of personal statement introductions as well as complete essays successfully used by applicants, tips on writing optional essays for law schools, and samples. Topics include:How will law schools view my credentials, activities, and work experience?What is the rolling admission process and how can it impact whether I am accepted?Will the fact that I am a non-traditional applicant help me or hurt me?Why is the personal statement important and how do I select a topic?How do I explain a low LSAT score, inconsistent GPA, academic probation, or arrest record?Should I write an optional essay?Should I share information about my learning disability?Why was I placed on a waiting list and what can I do to increase my chances of acceptance?How can I use scholarship offers to negotiate between law schools?How do I decide where to attend?The tips and insights provided within The Law School Admission Game: How to Play Like an Expert is the second best thing to having your own law school admission consultant. Ms. Levine offers candid and tangible advice in a conversational tone with an open and encouraging (but brutally honest) approach. This book will change how you look at the law school admission process and help you create your strongest possible application package. This book offers strategies for all law school applicants, including specific advice for people:Determined to attend a Top Law SchoolHoping for the chance to attend any law schoolSeeking an affordable legal educationReturning to school after being in the work forceStill in college with limited work and life experienceConsidering how to build their experiences and resumes to strengthen their applicationsConcerned about writing a compelling personal statement because they haven’t overcome significant obstaclesKnow the story they want to tell about overcoming obstacles in life but are not sure what to emphasize.No matter your life story or potential weaknesses in your law school application, The Law School Admission Game: How to Play Like an Expert will guide you through every piece of the application process.Both previous editions of this book have been bestsellers, and this one is the first to feature full-length essays used by successful applicants in the past, as well as a self-study LSAT schedule.If you’re even thinking about applying to law school, this book is about to become your go-to resource.