The Everything Sprouted Grains Book: A complete guide to the miracle of sprouted grains

150 living-food recipes for a healthy lifestyleSprouted grains are a powerhouse of nutrition. Sprouting activates food enzymes; increases vitamin content; and neutralizes “antinutrients,” such as phytic acid, that can block the absorption of minerals. Sprouts are easier to digest, and research indicates that they can help lower your cholesterol, reduce your blood pressure, and control your blood-sugar levels.With sprouts and sprouted grain flours, you’ll boost the nutrition and flavor of all your favorite recipes, including:Strawberry Almond Overnight OatsMexican Quinoa SaladHoney Wheatberry BreadAncho Chile HummusThe Everything® Sprouted Grains Bookalso includes step-by-step instructions for sprouting, dehydrating, and grinding flour at home. This complete guide provides everything you need to maximize your health and vitality by adding nutrient-rich living foods to your diet.