The End of Separation

Inspired by spiritual masters Nisargadatta Maharaj and Ramesh Balsekar – Gautam embarked on a spiritual journey that he narrates with deep, intimate insights through essays in this truly enthralling and unique book. His quest led him to personally experience and firmly accept Ramana Maharshi’s major dictum: Everything that happens is ultimately God’s will. – Alan Jacobs, President, Ramana Maharshi Foundation, UK STAYING CONNECTED TO THE SOURCE Our daily living depends a lot on our relationship with others. When our relationships are equanimous, we are truly happy and at peace. When electricity operates through the electric juicer or toaster, it enables each gadget to perform what it is programmed to do. Likewise, if we understand that each one of us is simply an ‘instrument’ through whom Consciousness functions – we will have peace of mind. With this understanding, we then realise the true meaning of ‘universal brotherhood’. When this inherent interconnectedness is seen clearly, we are freed from all shackles that bind us to relationships where we consider ourselves as ‘separate’ from others. Everything then merges into one cohesive, harmonious Whole. The End of Separation by Gautam Sachdeva is comprised of essays, and some questions and answers that touch upon different aspects of relationships – with others, with ourselves, with events that occur in our lives and, finally, our relationship with ‘what is’… pointing us back to who we truly are, and not what we appear to be.