The Economics of Data, Analytics, and Digital Transformation (repost)

Data Scientist & Executive Advisor, Booz Allen Hamilton about the book – Data Analytics should first and foremost be about action and value. Consequently, the great value of this book is that it seeks to be actionable. It offers a dynamic progression of purpose-driven ignition points that you can act upon. What you will learn * Train your organization to transition from data-driven to value-driven * Navigate and master the big data business model maturity index * Learn a methodology for determining the economic value of your data and analytics * Understand how AI and ML can create analytic assets that appreciate in value the more that they are used * Become aware of digital transformation misconceptions and pitfalls * Create empowered and dynamic teams that fuel your organization’s digital transformation Who This Book Is For This book is designed to benefit everyone from students who aspire to study the economic fundamentals behind data and digital transformation to established business leaders and professionals who want to learn how to leverage data and analytics to accelerate their business careers.