The Complete Holistic Dog Book: Home Health Care for Our Canine Companions, New Edition

Naturally, you want the best for your canine companion…a lifetime of tail wags and dogged good health. In The Complete Holistic Dog Book, animal healer Jan Allegretti shows you how to create an environment and lifestyle that will nurture your friend at every level, to help you care for body, mind, and spirit. You’ll discover keys to supporting and enhancing innate healing abilities, while you gain a deeper understanding of how body systems work—and what to look for if something goes awry.

The Complete Holistic Dog Book lends a warm and caring voice when you need it most, when your beloved dog is sick or injured, or when you simply need advice for keeping your friend healthy and happy. It’s also a comprehensive reference manual packed with holistic therapies drawing on a range of modalities, including homeopathy, herbs, bodywork, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the use of food as medicine. You’ll find easy-to-follow recommendations for natural, preventive care, including early socialization, environmental safety, and nutrition, as well as practical techniques for treating illnesses and injuries using gentle, natural medicines that are easy to administer and painless—or delicious!—for your dog.

For all animal guardians, caregivers, and practitioners, at home or in a clinical setting, this book offers:
A unique, holistic approach that sustains your dog’s physical and emotional health, from puppyhood through the senior years.
The Fresh & Flexible™ meal plan—the easiest, most effective way to feed your dog a nutritious, delicious diet.
A guide to creating a Holistic Medicine Chest to treat the most common illnesses and injuries—all with just 15 remedies.
A sensitive exploration of how you can address your companion’s special needs as s/he ages, and ease the transition when it’s time to let go.
An easy-to-use, 80-page Materia Medica covering nutritional supplements, homeopathic remedies, and herbs.
A comprehensive listing of more than 150 illnesses, injuries, and behavioral issues, with a variety of treatment options to choose from.
Answers to your questions about how you can use Cannabis safely—and legally—to support your dog through a range of difficulties, from pain and inflammation to anxiety, neurological disorders, and cancer.