The Basics of Beginning Leatherwork: Beginner’s Guide to Tools, Tips, and Techniques to Basic Leatherwork

Do you want to work with leather but don’t know where to start?
The Basics of Beginning Leatherwork is a practical guide that will start you off right. This book shares simple yet practical knowledge which covers all the essential items needed for someone to get into leatherworking.
This guide for new leatherworkers covers things like:

  • What are the essential tools?
  • Finding inexpensive tools
  • Homemade tools
  • Basic techniques
  • Where to get leather
  • Dyeing and finishing leather
  • Starter Projects
  • How to find new patterns
  • Tips on getting into leatherwork as a businessThe handbook is suited to new leatherworkers and hobbyists wanting to expand into a cottage business.
    Get this guide now to make your leather working dreams a reality.