The Authentic Tapas Book: Small Dishes of Heavenly Temptations

Tapas originated in Spain, and it is a difficult dish to describe. Just about any dish can be a tapa. The concept is that several small dishes containing different foods are served together or one after the other. For true authenticity, each dish should have its own complementary beverage, usually wine. It’s the perfect way to entertain and thrill your guests.

While many of these tiny, delectable morsels can be an appetizer or snack in its own right, tapas itself is never an appetizer. These dishes, however many there are, comprise the entire meal. The idea is to serve a full variety of temptations to the taste buds. The Authentic Tapas Book has a wide variety of different dishes to please everyone.

Think of tapas as dim sum. Dim sum consists of many small Chinese taste treats. But while each dish itself could be an appetizer, dim sum is a meal on its own. That is the essence of tapas. While tapas used to only consist of Spanish dishes, its popularity has grown. These days, any small, melt-in-the-mouth dish can become part of tapas.

Surprise your guest at your next get-together. Offer them a number of small plates filled with luscious treats found in the Authentic Tapas Book. They may never leave.