The Archaeology of Tiwanaku The Myths, History, and Science of an Ancient Andean Civilization

Tiwanaku’s zenith took place between the fifth and tenth centuries of our era, five centuries of extraordinary achievements that haracterized the evolutionary trajectory of one of the most outstanding civilizations of the prehispanic world. Tiwanaku still plays a pivotal role in Andean cosmogony. It is still part of a plethora of myths that reproduce and, at the same time, configure the purposes and meaning of a magnificent cultural heritage. Archaeological inquiry at Tiwanaku began just a century ago. Nonetheless, its contributions to our understanding of the origin, development, and collapse of this ancient civilization have provided the scientific bases on which our knowledge of the past is currently constructed. In this book, Dr. Albarracin-Jordan makes a comprehensive analysis of the criteria that, historically, shaped different views about ancient Tiwanaku. Dr. Albarracin-Jordan has conducted archaeological research in the Tiwanaku Valley for more than a decade.