Tao of No Stress: Three Simple Paths

Teaches the three paths that Taoist masters have used for centuries to create tranquillity in one’s life.• Adapts ancient Taoist wisdom to address the problems of a frenetic lifestyle.• Offers clear instructions for releasing, massaging, and breathing stress away.• Explores the mind/body/stress connection, showing that once the mind is calm, the body can function at its best.Starting from the basic principle of “If you want to know how to eliminate stress, ask someone who is without stress,” Stuart Alve Olson introduces the simple, time-tested exercises of Taoist masters to teach even the most harried Westerner how to go beyond reducing stress to eliminating it all together. Olson offers easy-to-use techniques to help us let go of tension and mental strain through breathing, mental relaxation, and massage.Readers will learn from fifth-century physician T’ao Hung-ching the Six Sounds therapy that can be practiced between phone calls at the office or during morning traffic. Whether rubbing a simple pressure point in the middle of a meeting or enjoying breathing methods like the Heng Ha breath all day long, readers will discover the gifts of tranquillity, health, and balance offered by age-old Taoist practices.Tao of No Stressutilizes traditional verse, photos, and the down-to-earth guidence of the author to teach both the experienced Taoist practitioner and the complete novice how to live stress free in a stress full world.