Tanmay Teaches Go: The Ideal Language for Backend Developers

Write your own efficient, performant, and lightweight programs using Go

Quickly start developing your own Google Go programs using the practical information contained in this engaging resource. Social media personalities Tanmay Bakshi and Baheer Kamal show, step by step, how to develop custom applications that fully utilize Go’s lightweight runtime and concurrency features. Tanmay Teaches Go: The Ideal Language for Backend Developers teaches by doing. This book guides you through the development and programming processes and features detailed examples, code samples, and time-saving tips.

Inside, you’ll learn to:

Install Go on Windows, Linux, or macOS devices
Get up and running with writing your own Go apps
Define variables and use them in your programs
Work with statements, functions, loops, and arrays
Use Go modules to simplify program development
Utilize built-in and third-party packages
Write custom packages that fit your programming needs
Understand classic structures and algorithms
Improve performance using Go routines and concurrency
Import external code―even code not written in Go!