System Lifecycle Management: Engineering Digitalization (Engineering 4.0)

Years of experience in the area of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) in industry, research and education form the basis for this overview. The author covers the development from PDM via PLM to SysLM (System Lifecycle Management) in the form commonly used today, which are necessary prerequisites for the sustainable development and implementation of IoT/IoS, Industry 4.0 and Engineering 4.0 concepts. The building blocks and properties of future-proof systems for the successful implementation of the concepts of Engineering 4.0 are thereby dedicated to holistic considerations, which also inform in detail. SysLM functions and processes in mechatronic development and design as well as across the entire product lifecycle – from requirements management to the Digital Twin – are covered as examples. SysLM trends such as low code development, cloud, disruptive business models, and bimodality provide an outlook on future developments. The author dedicates the treatment of the agile SysLM introduction to the implementation in the enterprise. The basics are deepened with examples of a concrete SysLM system.