SWAT 4 Strategy Guide: Best game You Will Love To Enjoy: Toturials Of Playing SWAT 4 Game

Having trouble rescuing hostages and serving those high-risk arrest warrants? This guide to SWAT 4 offers a full walkthrough and general strategies that will help you get those armed suspects to respect your authoritaw!

SWAT 4 places you in command of a five-man special weapons and tactics team. This isn’t a run-and-gun shooter. Not only could a single bullet end your game but an unauthorized use of force penalty can mean the difference between career advancement and mission failure. Skills such as precise aim and agile movement still apply; however, adept command of your team and efficient use of equipment take precedence.

Game Guide to SWAT 4 offers strategies for leading your squad, equipment selection, and details on the career scoring system. You’ll find coverage of weapons and tactical items as well as walkthroughs for all career missions and multiplayer tips.