Studying Dracula: The Complete Text and Revision Guide [Audiobook]

Plug in and prepare for your A-Level English Literature examination with this comprehensive audio study guide to Dracula.

Includes the entire, unabridged audio narration of Dracula, as well as in-depth analysis on the text, covering the key areas of: Characters, Themes, Structure and Form, Genre and Historical Context – as well as detailed chapter summaries and key quotations for your exam.

This audio study guide covers the core assessment objectives of the A-Level syllabus. This will give students studying these texts a strong foundation from which they can build their understanding, engage with other critical commentary and draw connections to other literary texts.

Students will learn how to:

Articulate informed and creative responses to the text through the exploration of themes and key ideas (AO1)
Analyse writers’ craft to uncover the ways in which writers convey meaning in the text (AO2)
Appreciate the influence and significance of the contexts which shaped the writing and reception of the text (AO3)