R&B MoldWorks 2020 SP2

R&B, developer of the computer-aided mold design (CAMD) technology used by more than 1,500 customers around the world, announces the release of MoldWorks 2020 Service Pack 2 for SOLIDWORKS 2015 through 2021.

MoldWorks 2020 SP2 is released

This service pack solved an important issue due to a change made specifically in SOLIDWORKS 2021 SP3 which caused a crash when running the New Mold function in MoldWorks.

MoldWorks is the premier 3D solid-based mold design application that delivers innovative, intuitive intelligent design tools for the injection molding industry.

With MoldWorks complete and “truly” associative parametric mold base, engineering changes are a breeze. The user can modify a give plate, component or the entire mold base effortlessly. MoldWorks intuitive intelligence will propagate the requested change throughout the complete mold. This functionality alone saves users hours of re-design time. To further shorten the design process, MoldWorks automatically creates the 2D drawings of the plates and dimensions them while maintaining complete associativity, thus, leaving other products far behind.

With over 15 Commercial Component Libraries (DME, National, Progressive, Futuba, etc.), MoldWorks offers MORE libraries that any other product.

MoldWorks Overview

R&B, Ltd. develops and markets powerful, easy-to-use; 3D mold design tools for the plastic mold and die industry. The company was created in 1994 as a separate organization through the combination of investments from Regba Kal, Israel’s largest mold maker, and Bercom, a leading supplier of computer-aided engineering solutions for mechanical design and finite element analysis. Today, R&B develops the following products: MoldWorks, SplitWorks, and ElectrodeWorks for SOLIDWORKS and MoldBase for CoCreate(PTC) all running within native CAD products, and over 1500 customers.

Product: R&B MoldWorks
Version: 2020 SP2 for SolidWorks 2015-2021
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :www.rnbusa.com
Languages Supported: multilanguage
System Requirements: PC *
Size: 246.0 mb

System requirements
– Microsoft Windows Windows 7/10 64 bit
– Intel or AMD class processor
– 16 GB RAM or greater recommended.
– Prerequisites: SOLIDWORKS