Ranger School: Discipline, Direction, Determination

Through colorful dialogue and vivid storytelling for which Jimmy Blackmon has been praised, the reader will take a journey through Ranger School.

From the nervous anticipation leading up to the course, to the extreme pain and suffering Ranger School demands, Jimmy shares the feelings and emotions that accompany extreme sleep and food deprivation. Furthermore, he shares what he learned about himself along the way. Before you can lead others, you must first learn to lead yourself.

Ranger School is designed to replicate the extreme nature of combat in a multitude of environments. The attrition rate is over 50 percent. Every ranger student experiences a low moment where they want to quit and walk away. Jimmy openly shares how he dealt with extreme hunger, exhaustion, below freezing temperatures, and ultimately, a desire to quit and end the suffering.

The reader will be fascinated, not only with what one must go through to attain the coveted Ranger tab, but at how ranger students deal with such harsh environments—many times in very humorous ways.

Despite all the aforementioned challenges, Ranger students must lead one another on complex missions in harsh terrain in order to succeed. How to motivate, inspire, and lead in such an extreme environment is powerful and will appeal to leaders of all types and in all industries.