Python GUI Projects (Level IV)

GUI for Python training. Master Tkinter through practical tutorials and exercises. Create real world projects!

What you’ll learn
Fundamentals of GUI development using Python and Tkinter by DOING!
Creating a wikipedia of your own using Tkinter
How to read json data and extract meaningful insights from that data
An ability to create exciting, interactive games and projects
Proficiency in all of the major Tkinter concepts
Confident in creating a range of basic and complex widgets for the user to interactive with

Master practical Tkinter concepts and fundamentals using python

My course provides exactly what the title describes in a simple, practical and relatable way. I help you to grasp the fundamentals of Tkinter with live coding, practical examples, projects and quizzes, moving step by step through beginner and into intermediate concepts – getting you to the point where you are able to confidently create your own GUIs, to apply the foundations of python into real life projects that users can fully interact with.

Have you learned the fundamentals of Python and then asked yourself; what’s next?

If so, consider taking this course which will start you on your journey to making your own Python GUI applications. GUI or Graphical User Interface applications allow the end user to interact with an actual program window that they can point, click, and interact with rather than just running Python scripts from a command prompt.

So often, when students ask for advice they are told to, “Go build something” or “Get involved on a project” but have no idea what projects to build or get involved in.

This course will set you on your way! In this course I will walk you though, step by step, on how to to design the layout and the functionality of unique, engaging, and purposeful apps and GUI projects, By the end of this course, I promise that you will be coming up with your own app ideas and feel confident enough in your abilities to create them.

We’ll cover the following GUI widgets:




Entry Boxes

Radio Buttons

Drop Down Menus


And many more…

As well as learning how to:

Manage application layout

Call API’s and sort through the returned data

How to use Tkinter module for making different GUI projects

Best of all, after a few short “instructional” videos, we will learn by DOING! We’re going to gain familiarity, comfort, and then mastery of Python GUI’s by creating our own applications together! I hope you decided to take this course. If you do, you will be set to begin creating some engaging, meaningful, and purposeful Python GUI’s

Who this course is for:
Python programmers who want to learn GUI
Any one interested in learning GUI Development