Practical Java-8 Mastery Course

Master Java-8 with 6+ hours of video and case studies along with source code and important notes

What you’ll learn
You will learn all the Java-8 concepts in hands-on based approach
You will be ready to apply Java-8 concepts on any project
You will be in demand for Java-8 based jobs
You will become an expert in the concepts and techniques related to java-8
Basic knowledge of any programming language
Your wait for the practical hands-on course on Java-8 is over. This course is structured with a key focus on learning by doing.

In this course, you will learn below Java-8 concepts and techniques in a hands-on based approach:

Introduction to Java 8

Interface Enhancements in Java 8

Default methods inside the interface

Static methods inside the interface

Functional interfaces

Inbuilt functional interfaces

Lambda expressions

Usage of Lambda expressions

Concept of Predicates

Method reference

Double colon operator

Constructor reference


Streams filter, map, count

Streams filter and lazy

Stream and forEach

Stream min, max, sorted, distinct

Stream peek and skip

Stream range and rangeClosed

Stream reduce

Stream Optional

Stream toSet and toMap

Stream averaging and summarizing

Stream and File operations

Stream Map and FlatMap

Parallel Stream

Java 8 and Date Time API

You will get the source code of every topic with examples so that you can refer to them while learning the concepts.

After taking this course you will be able to apply the concepts in any Java project. If you are a beginner then you will learn the new features of java 8 and if you are already an experienced developer then you will be able to apply these concepts and upgrade your older java projects.

Topics are explained with examples and notes are taken by writing comments on the code, which will help in future reference of the concepts.

You can bookmark any topic while watching and you can ask your questions in the question forum.

Who this course is for:
Beginners who want to learn Java-8 concepts
Experienced developer who have been using Java-7 so far and want to upgrade themselves to Java-8