Practical Chinese Medicine

For centuries, traditional Chinese medicine has emphasized the importance of living in harmony with all things to achieve prosperity, longevity, and even immortality. Trace the relationship between illness and imbalances in the body–imbalances in yin and yang, in qui (energy), and in jing, a “life essence” stored in the kidneys–and begin a natural process of healing and staying well. A model of five elements captures the interaction between and the inseparability of the organs, tissues, bodily fluids, and emotions. Find out how each organ works, what aspects of health it controls, and how to spot breakdowns; liver troubles, for example, affect the nails and the eyes. Ease energy flow by working with the meridians and acu points. Get “inside the problem” of specific ailments by knowing their external and internal causes. Recognize patterns of disharmony, and develop good observational skills to diagnose properly. With diagrams and charts throughout that identify key areas to focus on, a huge, encyclopedic section on pills and potions, and advice using acupuncture, selecting and preparing foods, and various forms of exercise, here’s the complete guide to all facets of Chinese medicine!