Performance Conversations : How to Use Questions to Coach Employees, Improve Productivity, and Boost Confidence

There are three universal truths about traditional performance management. They are widely used, universally despised, and are known to be ineffective. These reasons are cited in the recent spate of announcements from dozens of major corporations who have abandoned their appraisal systems. As a result, many organizations are grappling with what to do instead. They have adopted many interesting and innovative practices, but most are a random collection of activities that are not bound together by a sound theoretical framework. This new approach is built upon a sound theoretical foundation, uses proven management techniques, and offers a novel framework and tool for managers for regulating and enhancing the performance of their staff. Dozens of ready-to-use templates and accompanying tools help make good management practice more accessible, practical, and effective. Just as important, the new approach is both millennial- and remote worker-friendly as it incorporates features that speak to how they work.

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