Metakaolin and Fly Ash as Mineral Admixtures for Concrete

The book deals with modern theoretical concepts related to the impact of fly ash and metakaolin admixtures on structure formation processes of concrete. Results of the effect of fly ash, metakaolin and their composition on properties of self-compacting and self-leveling concrete are presented. Based on mathematical models, obtained using mathematical experiments planning methodology, the impact of the main factors and their combination on workability, strength and other properties that determine efficiency and durability of concrete are analyzed. Using calculated dependencies, a methodology for designing optimal compositions of concrete containing active mineral admixtures and superplasticizers is proposed. Features of industrial production of concrete for the proposed compositions are discussed. The book is intended for specialists working in the production of concrete and reinforced concrete products and elements. It can also be used by construction engineers to design compositions of cost-effective self-compacting and self-leveling concrete as well as to determine the rational direction of using technogenic raw materials like ash and metakaolin.