Mastering the Art of Presentation – for Brand Identity Designers

The way anything is presented makes a huge difference.

I always think food is clear example of this; if you take the exact same dish, and present it in a stunning restaurant style, vs throwing on the plate… well, some people actually swear that the food tastes better depending on way presented!

As Graphic Designers we could apply that principle to all our work. But the reason for this class is that quite a few students have said to me;

“I love the way you present your work – could you do a class to help us set up some of the templates you have…?”

So I said, ok sure – and here it is! We’re doing it.

Whether it’s a few mock-up templates you can draw on to help you present your logos in a more dynamic way… or the way you present your concepts / strategy – this can be a great way to level up the experience your clients receive.

And particularly for your own portfolio, it could literally mean the difference between a client moving forward with you or not.

This short course will also help you unlock the power of context, and storytelling when presenting any of your work; From concepts to your portfolio.

As designers we tend to have great imagination, but often clients don’t!

Showing your concepts in context, as you intend them to live and breath in the real world can have a massive impact on the way they are received; it helps fill in the gaps in their imagination. There are many resources that can help you do this.

In addition to this, even when we share our concepts in a very raw format at the early stages of a process; a little presentation goes a long way. Sharing our concepts in a way that feels consistent organized, perhaps with a little written explanation avoids overwhelming the client – and makes it easy for them to compare.

Can/should you show any of the exploratory work leading up to the concepts you propose? Done correctly, it can work well. But this is where good story telling comes in – there’s definitely a right and wrong way to do it.

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