Master CCAT- 8 hours MATH course- Tricks & Practice sessions

Numerical Aptitude for Criteria Cognitive aptitude test and Wonderlic aptitude test

What you’ll learn:
Fundamentals of CCAT Math
Short tricks
Practice session for improved efficiency
Time management

Addition, subtraction division and multiplication

About this course:

This Course covers numerical Aptitude for CCAT. Numerical Aptitude or Basic Mathematics is a very important section in CCAT or Wonderlic. We can expect around 16-20 questions from Numerical part and this is the most time consuming section in your test. This course divides numerical aptitude in to certain topics and again In every topic basics, fundamentals are explained with the help of Quick tricks. Here, Quick trick is a formula, or a rule which helps you to solve the question in less time. A set of solved examples are followed by every quick trick to enhance your problem solving ability. This course is meticulously designed to meet your CCAT and Wonderlic -Numerical aptitude requirements.

About Faculty:

Mr. Udaya Bhaskar, an experienced faculty who teaches quantitative aptitude for various competitive examinations for higher education and Job preparation. He formulated and summarised all the tricks and concepts that are required for CCAT and explained in this course. His teaching experience and analytical ability is reflected in this course.

About CCAT:

The Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test(CCAT) is a general pre-employment aptitude test which measures your problem solving abilities, learning skills and critical thinking.

Quick facts:

Duration :15 Minutes

Number of questions : 50

Negative Marking : No

Calculator : Not allowed

Points : All questions carry equal points

Test Topics:

Numerical Ability( Basic Mathematics)

Reasoning Ability(Basic logical thinking)

Verbal Ability

Spatial Aptitude

CCAT is all about time management. Questions would be simple to moderate in level. But hardly you will get 18 seconds to answer a question.

Who this course is for
Criteria cognitive aptitude test, Wonderlic Aptitude test aspirants