Marketing Strategy: Based on First Principles and Data Analytics, 2nd Edition

Marketing Strategy offers a unique and dynamic approach based on four underlying principles that underpin marketing today: All customers differ; All customers change; All competitors react; and All resources are limited. The structured framework of this acclaimed textbook allows marketers to develop effective and flexible strategies to deal with diverse marketing problems under varying circumstances. Uniquely integrating marketing analytics and data driven techniques with fundamental strategic pillars the book exemplifies a contemporary, evidence-based approach. This base toolkit will support students’ decision-making processes and equip them for a world driven by big data. The second edition builds on the first’s successful core foundation, with additional pedagogy and key updates.

Research-based, action-oriented, and authored by world-leading experts, Marketing Strategy is the ideal resource for advanced undergraduate, MBA, and EMBA students of marketing, and executives looking to bring a more systematic approach to corporate marketing strategies.