Manufacturing Automotive Components from Sustainable Natural Fiber Composites

This book focuses on the use of natural fiber composites (NFCs) in the automotive industry. The new race in the automotive industry is no longer speed, but rather low weight and sustainable. Major automakers and component suppliers are now shifting to natural fiber reinforcements for their composite components as a sustainable and lightweight alternative to conventional, synthetic reinforcements. The main object of this book is to bridge the gap between academic literature and actual industry practices, and to provide a comprehensive and integrated review on the use of NFC in the automotive industry from composite fabrication to recycling. The book focuses on the major areas of interest to academic researchers, such as the history of NFC in the automotive industry, specific types of materials used, material qualification programs, major technical challenges facing NFC, major processing techniques and parameters, analysis of major NFC parts used and their performance requirements, sustainability assessments including life cycle assessment and carbon footprint, and future trends.