Make 4 games in Unity with Playmaker and include ads.

Make 4 mobile games with NO code
What you’ll learn
How to create 4 different games in unity.
How to add unity ads to your games to make money from you game
How to upload your games to an app store like Google Play
How to create different types of FSMs using playmaker to create different features in games.

In this course I will show you how to make 4 different games in Unity using the Playmaker add-on.

We will make:

A flappy bird type game.

A tapping game ( tap the insects to score points)

An endless side scrolling runner.

A topdown style fix movement zombie shooter.

In each game I will show you how to make them step by step and at the end how to put ads in to your game so you can earn some money using Unity ads.

I will also show you how to upload the games to the Google Play store and itch io and how to update them when you need to fix an issue with the game.

In each game you will learn how to create different FSMs to create different features to your games. I will also show you how to add different types of ads to your games such as a rewarded ad which will only work 1 time a day.

If you have ever wanted to make your own games then why not give this course a go? It will help you learn how to use Playmaker and Unity as well as help you overcome issues that you may encounter.