Learn in 10 – Design a Inspirational Poster in Illustrator

Learn in 10 is a series of Short Classes designed to share great techniques in a short amount of time.

In this Class, you will learn how to create a Design a Inspirational Poster inside Adobe Illustrator and for that, we explore things like

Setting up our Document
Colour Palletes
Using the Blending modes to create text effects
Working with the Blend Tool
Basic of Typography composition
This Class is for everyone, to inspire and be inspired! I Want you to use this Class as a Design exercise but also a way to inspire yourself and people around you with your Design

It’s perfect for a small break and a quick Design exercise and exploration. I’ve made it simple, and I share each step on the way, so even you don’t have much experience in Adobe Illustrator, you can take this Class with no problem.

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