It’s Debatable!: Using Socioscientific Issues to Develop Scientific Literacy, K-12

This book encourages scientific literacy by showing you how to teach the understanding and thinking skills your students need to explore real-world questions like these: Should schools charge a tax to discourage kids from eating unhealthy foods?Should local governments lower speed limits to reduce traffic fatalities? Should pharmaceutical companies be allowed to advertise prescription drugs directly to consumers? At the core of the exploration is the Socioscientific Issues Framework. The framework gives students practice in the research, analysis, and argumentation necessary to grapple with difficult questions and build scientific literacy. After introducing the concept of the framework and explaining how it aligns with the Next Generation Science Standards, the book shows you how to implement it through seven units targeted to the elementary, middle, and high school levels. You even find out how to develop your own socioscientific issues curriculum.Both practical and content-rich, It’s Debatable! doesn’t shy away from controversy.Instead, the authors encourage you and your students to confront just how messy the questions raised by science (and pseudoscience) can be. After all, as the authors note, The only way for our students to be prepared for participation in societal discourse is to have practice in their school years, and what better place than the science classroom?