Introduction to control systems- RAHEE331 Rahsoft

Master Control Systems and take your Engineering skills to another level in 10 days -complete Rahsoft Engineering Course

What you’ll learn
Root Locus
Bode plots
Routh Hurwitz
Open Loop and Closed Loop Systems
Calculus and Basic Circuit Theory
In RAHEE331, we will focus on basic and important subjects of control systems, such as Root Locus, Bode and Nyquist Plots, Feedback effects on the system, State Space Systems, Routh Hurwitz Stability Criterion, System Stability, and many more. In this course, you will learn how to plot Bode, Nyquist, Root Locus graphs with hands and MATLAB. You’ll have knowledge of minimum and non-minimum phase, time-delay systems, lead, lag, lead-lag and dynamic compensators, Routh Hurwitz Stability Criterion, feedback effects on the system, continuous and discrete time, linear and non-linear systems, block diagrams, and mechanical system of control systems. There are examples with solutions in each chapter, and there will be a quiz at the end of each chapter except chapter 7.The quizzes will help you with concentration, they build confidence, and help you to test your knowledge, and master the subject .You will also have MATLAB exercises in chapter 3 and 5.Thecourse is mainly aimed for undergraduate students with major of Electrical ,Computer, and Mechanical Engineering Please feel free to review the subjects of this course whenever needed as this course has the option of limited lifetime access.

Instructor: Bahman Sokhansanj is the instructor of RAHEE331 course. He obtains an associate degree in General Studies, and he is a lecturer at Rahsoft with concentration on Control Systems .

Course Content:

•Control System Definition

•Open and Closed Loop Systems

•Linear and Non-Linear Control Systems

•Combinational Control Systems

•Continuous and Discrete Time Control Systems

•Block Diagram

•Creating Bode Plots

•Creating Bode Plots with MATLAB

•Minimum and Non-Minimum Phase

•Time-Delay Systems

•Nyquist Plots


•Creating Root Locus

•Creating Root Locus with MATLAB

•Casual and Stable Systems

•Feedback and Stability

•Routh Hurwitz Stability Criterion

•Relative Stability

•State Space System

•Effect of Feedback on the Systems

•Mechanical Systems

•Electrical Analogies of Mechanical Systems

•Torque Voltage Analogy

•Force Current Analogy

•Torque Current Analogy

•Motor Position Control with Torque Disturbance

Who this course is for:
Undergraduate Students
Electrical Engineer
Mechanical Engineer
Computer Engineer
System and Control Researchers
Anyone who has an interest in Control Systems