International Human Rights Law and Diplomacy

This incisive book provides an unparalleled insight into the ways in which international human rights law functions in a real world context across cultural, religious and geopolitical divides. Written by a professor, former ambassador and international judge, the book demonstrates how power, diplomacy, tactics and processes operate within the human rights system from the perspective of a non-Western insider with more than three decades’ experience in the field.

Taking a comprehensive approach, chapters cover the treatment of human rights in all major cultures, religions, ideologies and global regions and assess the competence of all relevant international institutions. The book investigates the idea of human rights relativism and allegations of hypocrisy and double standards, as well as illuminating the diplomatic methods employed by nations wishing to evade human rights obligations. It also analyses the place of the law within the United Nations and regional human rights systems, along with compliance and enforcement mechanisms, and examines two emerging dimensions of human rights: in cyberspace and at sea.

Students and scholars of human rights across the fields of law, politics and international relations will find this unique book invaluable. Its concise, accessible style will also make it useful reading for government officials, those working for NGOs and members of the public with an interest in human rights.

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