Impress Beautiful Women: 2700 Pickup Lines to help you Chat Up Desirable and Sophisticated Girls

Love is a mysterious and wonderful thing. When you meet someone who makes your heart do a flip, it is likely that you will be nervous and tongue-tied. Often, this initial period where your brain freezes can lead you to hinder your chances with the person you’re looking to make a good first impression on.

This book will definitely change things for the better, and help you make a great first impression, one that will stand the test of time.

The pickup lines contained in this book are of many different types, and come from many different aspects of pop culture and from many different countries. In this book, you can expect to encounter:

1. The clever pickup line: It might take her (and you) a few seconds to understand the meaning, but when it sinks in, you will get a laugh, and pique her interest. This works well if you naturally come across as the intellectual type. Wordplay and puns and complex analogies fall into this category.

2. The obvious pickup line: This might be an old chestnut; it leaves no ambiguity as to its meaning, and leaves no one guessing. If the intended recipient seems to like the direct approach, you should definitely consider this type!

3. The risky pickup line: Whether you spell it with a -que or a -ky at the end, there is a class of pickup lines that only refers to one thing. These should only be used if you are sure that the person listening to them will not feel uncomfortable.

And remember, it’s all about confidence. The first part of the puzzle is getting the best possible content, which you have in your hands. Once you are able to deliver your favorite lines from this book with no hesitation, you will be set to meet the woman of your dreams! Good luck.