iMac 2021 (M1 CHIP) USER GUIDE: The ultimate step by step manual for beginners

Apple’s New iMac 2021 (M1 Chip) Bought one of the new multi-color iMacs with an M1 chip? Congratulations on one of the best Macs you’ve ever bought! Getting a new Mac is always a lot of exciting, so if this is your first iMac, welcome. Using your iMac is easy and simple a s you need to follow the on-screen instructions. However, if you are completely new, you won’t be able to understand everything. Do not be scared! Whether you’re using your computer for the first time or have an old iMac that you can replace, this clear, easy and practical guide is designed to help you in the new and exciting world of Mac Chip iMac so you can make the most of it. Here’s an overview of what you’ll find in this book • Essential features of the imac m1 chip • How to set up your device • How transfer data to a new imac • How to back up and restore imac • How to mirror imac to tv without apple tv • How to use face time on your imac • Ways to set up Apple Pay on iMac • How to use your Magic keyboard your device • How to use of dock on your imac • How to change your imac login password • How to enable iCloud Drive on an iMac • How to use safari on your device • Tips and tricks • And Lots More Scroll Up and Click the Buy Now Icon to Get This Book Now