How to Create Motion Graphics in After Effects

After Effects program is one of the most powerful programs in the field of motion graphics. Therefore, in this training course, you can easily define the layers of a character that is designed inside the Illustrator program, and then inside the separated layer of a character in the After Effects software, Also you will learn how move the character’s limbs based on the defined joint.

As you know, to move the character inside the After Effects, we need to use scripts and plug-ins so that we can move the character faster and with better control. Therefore, in this tutorial, we will use the Duik script to control and move the separated layers. we can also move the character in several ways with this script, also one of these methods is the connection between the layers, which we will discuss in this course.

By passing this course, you can completely separate the layers of a character in the Illustrator program and then enter them in the After Effects program, and by adjusting the layers, we can move the character.

This course is suitable for those who work with the After Effects and Illustrator program and want to do motion graphics.

this course has 2 chapter:

In the first chapter You will learn how to easily move a character and

Then in the second chapter You will learn how to move a robot character by connecting the layers and creating a joint.

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