Help Your Kids with Geography, Grades 5-10: A Unique Step-By-Step Visual Guide, New Edition

The world is constantly changing. This revised edition has the latest stats and research on subjects such as climate change and the environment, the coronavirus pandemic, populations, and megacities, along with the composition of international organzations such as the UN and the EU.

Help your kids to be the best in their geography class. This ebook will help you to understand what they’re being taught so you can help out with their homework. Fully revised and updated for 2021.

This ebook is what every frustrated parent needs. Its innovative approach combines colorful diagrams and illustrations with step-by-step explanations, making geography easier to understand than ever before. Covering all the core subjects for 10-16 year olds, from oceans to volcanoes to climate change and population growth, this invaluable guide allows parents and kids to work together to understand even the trickiest topics. You will both soon be experts in map reading, plate tectonics, data handling, and much more. Help Your Kids with Geography is guaranteed to build confidence, reduce stress, and make even the most difficult aspects of this subject simple, clear, and accessible.