Green Day – Live To Air (2014) {The Store For Music}

Live To Air is a 2014 live album by Green Day. Discogs claims this is not an official label but other discs in the discography claim it is a legitimate label. This was released by the questionable The Store For Music.

01. 409 In Your Coffee Maker
02. Welcome To Paradise
03. 2.000 Light Years Away
04. The Judge’s Daughter
05. Christy Road
06. Only Of You
07. Who Wrote Holden Caulfield
08. Going To Pasalacqua
09. Paper Lanters
10. One Of My Lies
11. Country Hoedown AKA Dominated Love Slave
12. F.O.D
13. Words I Might Have Ate
14. Chump
15. Longview
16. Basket Case
17. When I Come Around
18. Burnout

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