Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam Versus Aswan High Dam: A View from Egypt (Repost)

This unique volume discusses various aspects of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) and the Aswan High Dam (AHD) including their positive and negative impacts. It presents up-to-date research findings by Egyptian scientists and researchers covering several interesting hot topics under the following main themes:
· Major impacts of GERD compared with the AHD
· Environmental impacts of the AHD
· Modeling scenarios investigating the impacts of GERD on the AHD and downstream
· Environmental and social impacts of GERD on Egypt
· Status and assessment of the sediment of the AHD reservoir and modeling the impacts of GERD on Lake Nubia sediment accumulation
· Proposed scenarios for maximizing the benefits of the AHD reservoir
· International aspects of GERD and the AHD
The volume also offers a set of conclusions and recommendations to optimize the cooperation between Egypt, Sudan, and Ethiopia. It appeals to postgraduate students, researchers, scientists, professionals and policy planners.