Entrepreneurship in Theory and Practice: Paradoxes in Play

This unique textbook on entrepreneurship, aimed primarily at undergraduate students, provides the reader with a broad overview of the entrepreneurship phenomenon. It focuses on the emergence, evaluation and organizing of entrepreneurial opportunities in various organizational contexts. Each chapter kicks off with a real-life international case story by high-profile entrepreneurship scholars, including William B. Gartner, Saras Sarasvathy, Alain Fayolle, Kevin Hindle, Thomas Cooney, Anita Van Gils and Ann Clarke. Theories of entrepreneurship are embedded with tensions and dilemmas, which this book presents as a collection of paradoxes for each theme and chapter. The book challenges the reader to be critical and to take a stand on the many paradoxical situations entrepreneurs encounter on their entrepreneurial journey. The authors present theory and knowledge unique to the paradoxical world of entrepreneurship. Including international cases, student involvement, theory, paradoxes, actions, and exercises, all undergraduate students with or without prior entrepreneurship education can enjoy the many benefits, puzzles, and insights the book has to offer.