Eddie Harris – Movie Favorites from Eddie Harris (2021)

Eddie Harris made his first steps in gospel ensembles as a pianist and singer. Then he enrolled for a higher training in music, during which he will go through the learning of several instruments including the vibraphone, the bassoon, the trombone and of course the saxophone. During a stay in Europe as part of his military service, he took classical saxophone lessons in Paris, where he also performed with French musicians. Back in the United States, he made his piano debut with Gene Ammons before recording his first record as a leader in the early 60s. Following this inaugural album, he multiplied the recordings under his name and participated in several projects directed by Joe Diorio, Quincy Jones, Lalo Schifrin or Muhal Richard Abrahams. As a leader, he was accompanied by many talented musicians during his journey towards the 70s and also when he embarked on the experience of the amplified saxophone. Among them are Cedar Walton, Les McCann, Jodie Christian, Leroy Vinnegar, Ron Carter, Melvin Jackson, Rufus Reid and Billy Higgins. Borrowing from rock, funk, soul music and rhythm and blues, the experimenter Eddie Harris is mostly an authentic jazz musician who returns to a more classical style in the late 70s until his last albums in the early 90s.

Track List:
[02:45] 01. Eddie Harris – A.M. Blues
[04:30] 02. Eddie Harris – W.P
[08:33] 03. Eddie Harris – Salute To Bird
[04:32] 04. Eddie Harris – Spartacus
[03:33] 05. Eddie Harris – Sally T
[09:56] 06. Eddie Harris – Salute To Bags
[04:38] 07. Eddie Harris – Exodus
[02:19] 08. Eddie Harris – Green Dolphin Street
[02:44] 09. Eddie Harris – Moon River
[02:43] 10. Eddie Harris – Pocketful of Miracles
[03:56] 11. Eddie Harris – Lawrence Of Arabia
[02:36] 12. Eddie Harris – Tonight
[03:07] 13. Eddie Harris – Laura
[02:09] 14. Eddie Harris – El Cid

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FILE: 05 – Sally T.flac
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FILE: 06 – Salute To Bags.flac
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Conclusion: CDDA 99%
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FILE: 07 – Exodus.flac
Size: 25532958 Hash: EF1439B33630A78CC1BEE5A20FF06092 Accuracy: -m40
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FILE: 08 – Green Dolphin Street.flac
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FILE: 09 – Moon River.flac
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Conclusion: CDDA 100%
Signature: 7BF34C77509B9921FD1A3244B2B4B3722144C9E1
FILE: 10 – Pocketful of Miracles.flac
Size: 14855668 Hash: 812D2C017A0C9B43214A1A9F43DE13C4 Accuracy: -m40
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FILE: 12 – Tonight.flac
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FILE: 13 – Laura.flac
Size: 16270076 Hash: 28BB177E519D7D1042DBFC0AEE7A924B Accuracy: -m40
Conclusion: CDDA 100%
Signature: 9811FD51AB5B9D9395FE9109F2ED7A317CCD53E6
FILE: 14 – El Cid.flac
Size: 11822777 Hash: A2A511F90942159C77E637D6DF1F1A12 Accuracy: -m40
Conclusion: CDDA 100%
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