DS SIMULIA CST Studio Suite 2021 SP5 Update

Computer Simulation Technology (CST), part of SIMULIA, a Dassault Systèmes brand, announces the release of its flagship EM simulation software, CST Studio Suite 2021 SP5.
– Improved stability of the save operation of protected projects.
– Improved stability of the schematic related to 1D plotting.
– Enhanced loft operation of multiple picked faces between two bodies.
– Opening and closing a combo box without selecting an item no longer prevents the block parameters to be shown.
– Improved speed of loading sequences in Parametric Sweep dialog box.
CST Power’By
– Fixed determination of PCB content when updating after check for update.
System Assembly and Modeling (SAM)
– Improved stability when running coupled simulations using DSLS licensing.
EDA Import/EDA Tools
– Added PCB import parameter ‘bending buffer distance’. **New Feature!**
Biological Models
– CST Bio Models Extension 4.1 is now available for download from the Knowledge Base. **New Feature!**
– 5G Post-Processing Wizard: Fixed power flow density calculation, for some solvers imaginary part was included.
– In Save Video show error message if invalid character ‘%’ is used in output file path.
– Fixed broken 2D/3D Plot screenshot creation from Report Tool and Export Image.
Tetrahedral (Tet) Mesh
– Avoid hang for a very special periodic configuration.
CST Microwave Studio – General
– Fixed farfield calculation issues for AMD CPUs with AVX2 instruction set.
– Prevented optimizer goals from disappearing on rebuild failures.
CST Microwave Studio – Transient Solver (TLM Mesh)
– Improved PML stability for single-precision solver runs.
– Fixed missing stop criteria convergence plots when linear prediction is active.
CST Microwave Studio – Frequency Domain Solver (Tetrahedral Mesh)
– Consider the non-linearity between the static B and H fields when applying the Green Sandy model to partially magnetized ferrites.
– Fixed abnormal termination when materials with inhomogeneous conductivity were in use.
CST Microwave Studio – Integral Equation Solver
– Fixed an issue with the thickness of thin-panel.
– Fixed wrong field plot.
– Fixed NFS monitor size if symmetries are set.
CST EM Studio – Partial RLC Solver
– Fixed of missing R/L after second solver run if broadband and automatic node pair creation activated.
CST PCB Studio
– Align PSpice export type with user interface selection.
– Consider intermediate nets between cascading VRMs in IRDrop.
– Fixed losing Decap setup/analysis data upon closing the Decap Tool tab.
CST Design Studio – General
– Improved stability of selecting and deleting TOUCHSTONE blocks.
– CST MWS ports do not show up in the block center, if “Routing Optimal” distribution is used.
– Copy&Paste of blocks in the navigation tree does not lock up Ribbon buttons anymore.
– Made execution of AC combine tasks in simulation projects with FD-TET more robust.
– Prevented potential abnormal termination in result normalization to Gaussian reference signal.
– Fixed issue in the definition of RLC load in terminate port functionality.
– Fixed issue in data/model reference name in data/model compare user interface