Dreams and Nightmares in Art Therapy: The Dream of the Jaguar

Dreams and Nightmares in Art Therapy draws on the author’s extensive art psychotherapy practice and teaching to provide a wide range of creative writing and visual art methods for dreamwork.

Blending theories such as Gestalt therapy and Jungian psychology with clinical examples from Dr. Hamel’s own clients, this unique book offers an array of art therapy and other creative dreamwork methods, covering a large variety of media such as mask making, clay, collage, sandtray and painting. The author also presents seven different types of nightmares and introduces a simple and efficient five-steps art therapy method for reducing their intensity and their frequency. The book concludes with a unique synthesis of 11 dreamwork methods to draw wisdom from dream journals accumulated over a long period of time.

This book is ideal for anyone interested in developing a personal or professional practice using dream art therapy. The methods presented here will captivate readers with their originality and provide inspiration for all kinds of psychological, artistic and spiritual development.