Cute Animals: 2000 Challenging Quiz and Trivia Questions to Test your Knowledge of the World’s Most Beloved

How many Animal Names do you Know?

Everyone loves animals.
If someone came up to you in the street and asked you to name an animal, you might start with Cat. Or Dog.
And then maybe Horse. Or Cow.
Chicken? Ox? Lion?

You might not say Kookaburra immediately. Or Galapagos Turtle. Or Manatee. Or Puffin. Or Kinkajou. Or Ibex. Or Rhinoceros. Or Gharial. Or Walrus.

Fortunately, you can get by, during 99% of your life, with just Cat and Dog.
This book will test the breadth of your knowledge about animal names, from the common to the obscure, from the topical to the temperate, from the Hippopotamus to the Horse.

The core skill that you can test in the skill and knowledge challenges in this trivia book is your mental database of the common names of animals. If you know a very large number of animal names, you’re very likely to ace every challenge.
This book combines the euphoria of finding out how much you know about our animal friends with the mental exercise of solving puzzles in many different formats.

Many different kinds of people can derive enjoyment and education from the puzzles in this big book of animals:
– People who love animals
– People who love puzzles
– People who want to discover new cute animals that they never knew existed
– People who want to test if they know as much about animals as they always thought they did
–Everyone else

I am sure that you will have a really great time with this book. All the very best!