Copycat recipes: VOL. II – Take Your Favorite Restaurant at Home Becoming The Master Chef Your Family Will Love

When you have a craving for your favorite restaurant meal or treat, but don’t have the money to eat out, don’t fret! You can make many of your favorite recipes, from starters to dessert, at home!

Your kitchen just became your new favorite restaurant.

Finding something you love at one of your favorite restaurants, awesome. Only being able to get it at that restaurant, not always so awesome, especially if the restaurant is in another city, state, or even country!

But just because you can’t always get back to a particular restaurant for something special doesn’t mean you can’t get your fix when you need it. Simply spend a little time in the kitchen and figure out how to make it yourself.

Or, better yet, find recipes from other people who have already done the work for you.

This book is filled with detailed and simple-to-follow recipes that anyone can make and can appeal to anyone on any diet, including Keto.
In this book you will:

• Learn How To Reproduce In Your Kitchen Delicious Dishes From The Most Popular Restaurants In The World to enjoy family and friends as they were at the restaurant. You can also choose freely the ingredients that suit your needs (intolerance, allergy, or diet).

• Discover How Easy And Inexpensive It Is To Cook Your Favorite Meals, to skip the expense of going out to eat without losing the flavor of the original meals.

• Find Tasty and Delicious Copycat Recipes, a great variety of recipes from a lot of popular restaurants that you can easily try at home. You can also find a vegetarian section, full of many tasty and easy-to-make recipes to follow

• Measurably Improve Your Cooking Skills by enjoying yourself in your kitchen, following very detailed and illustrated copycat recipes

• Find a Specific Very Detailed Section about Keto Diet; each recipe is provided with information on carbohydrates, fat, and protein that makes it easy for you to see just how many calories and macros you are getting from each dish.

• … & Lot More!

Save your time, energy, and expense out of going to a restaurant with these amazing copycat recipes!

You’re craving your favorite restaurant meal, but not the drive, the wait, or the bill. Make it yourself! Home cooks are serving up their best copycat recipes, right here.

Save some money by not having to hire a babysitter, and stay in comfy clothes at home!