Contemporary Studies on Modern Chinese History II

The study of modern Chinese history has developed rapidly in recent decades and has seen increased exploration of new topics and innovative approaches. Resulting from a special issue of Modern Chinese History Studies, this volume is devoted to showcasing the healthy development of Chinese modern history studies, and has already been revised twice in the original language.
This volume exhibits major achievements on the study of modern Chinese history and shows how the role of history was in debate, transformation and re-evaluation throughout this tortuous yet prosperous period. Articles on seven different topics are collected from over ten prominent historians in order to represent their insights on the developmental paths of Chinese historical studies. Drawing on a large number of case studies of critical historical events, such as imperial China and the Chinese Workers’ Movement, this volume sets out to explore topics such as the history of Sino-foreign relations as well as the history of workers’ movements and youth movements.
This book will be a valuable reference for scholars and students of Chinese history.